indicative timeline

indicative timeline

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Survey Winner

Congratulations to Holly Chapman and whānau, they were the lucky family drawn to win the iPad for completing our survey.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Survey Feedback

Here is a summary of results from our Whānau Survey. A copy of this will also come home with your newsletter today. 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Indicative Timeline

In response to our survey below is an indicative timeline that we have from the Ministry of Education as of October this year.  This is just a broad set of dates:

Design Team write the Design Brief Document. This is a document where we describe our school, its culture, and our vision for our learners.
- Due to the Board of Trustees December 2016

Ministry approve our Design Brief. They allocate our budget.
- April/May 2017

Ministry Of Education approved and identified architects develop a set of possible space configurations and designs based on our Design Brief. The architects also consult with the Design Team and the Board of Trustees.
- June/July/August 2017

The approved designs are put out to tender with approved Ministry of Education providers.
- October 2017

Provided there are no major issues the upgrade process to begin.
- January 2018

Friday, 21 October 2016

Parent Survey

A massive thank you to the 111 families who completed our parent survey! It is a very important part of our design process, and we will be able to give feedback on your answers when all surveys have been collated. We know you are all eagerly awaiting to hear who has won the iPad mini. We will draw the winner on Tuesday when a board member is able to be present, and we will announce the winner at our School Whānau Hui.

Flexible Learning Space Open Afternoons

We currently have two prototyped flexible learning spaces running at Parkview School. These are Room 12 and 13, and Room 17 and 18. For the next two Thursdays (Oct 27th and Nov 3rd) they will be open from 3 - 3.30 for you to come and have a look around and have a chat with the teachers. If you are wanting to speak with Room 17/18 teachers please make sure you go on the 27th as the following Thursday they are away on camp.

Student Voice

This week Mrs H began meeting with groups of children to discuss their ideas about flexible learning spaces. It was great seeing that they have knowledge around how they learn best, and hearing their ideas on how we could create spaces to support this. Mrs H will continue to meet with students over the next week, and will put their key ideas up on this blog. 

Visit to Marshlands School

Last week Simon, Denise, Mr Fox and Mrs H visited Marshlands School. We met with their principal, Jacqui Pascoe. She discussed with us their process of design, and showed us around their flexible learning hubs. We came away with some great ideas of what learning spaces could possibly look like at Parkview School. Below are some of the spaces we looked at. 

Meet the Design Team

Feedback that we received from the Parent Survey was that you were wanting to know who was involved in the Design Team. The Design team is as follows:

  • Simon Thomas - Principal
  • Troy Wheeler - Board of Trustees 
  • Fiona Haythornthwaite - Staff Representative
  • Erin Webley - Parent Representative
  • Josh Beaumont - Parent Representative
  • Corban Teaika - Ngai Tahu Representative
Moving forward this is the group that will be consulting with you, and sharing information.