indicative timeline

indicative timeline

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Indicative Timeline

In response to our survey below is an indicative timeline that we have from the Ministry of Education as of October this year.  This is just a broad set of dates:

Design Team write the Design Brief Document. This is a document where we describe our school, its culture, and our vision for our learners.
- Due to the Board of Trustees December 2016

Ministry approve our Design Brief. They allocate our budget.
- April/May 2017

Ministry Of Education approved and identified architects develop a set of possible space configurations and designs based on our Design Brief. The architects also consult with the Design Team and the Board of Trustees.
- June/July/August 2017

The approved designs are put out to tender with approved Ministry of Education providers.
- October 2017

Provided there are no major issues the upgrade process to begin.
- January 2018